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Finding Oola

oo-la: noun

The state of awesomeness when every area of your life is balanced, growing and purposeful.

On this site the word oola is used as the definition above.

Oola Life is used for the corporation known as:

Oola Life: The Mind and Body Company.

Image by Mor Shani
About: About

Terry Ruth

Writer  Speaker  Life Coach

Terry Ruth is an engaging speaker, a compassionate listener, a life long learner, and will be your biggest cheer leader. 

She is excited to help others navigate toward a life of intention.

She has PTSD but is grateful to report that she is now living in recovery instead of reaction. Part of her healing journey is to live intentionally. 

Here she shares thoughts, lessons, ideas and resources that have helped her recovery from PTSD and other traumas.

Her hope is that all who stop here will find road markers along the path to help them navigate toward their own balanced, growing, and purposeful life.

Terry Ruth believes you are the hero of your story and her role as a life coach is to facilitate your success. 

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